How to Save Money When Traveling Abroad

The cost of transfer is usually one of the biggest factors when traveling abroad. As a frequent traveler myself, I’ve tested some of the methods I use personally to great effect. As such, here’s a short post on how I save a ton of money when traveling abroad.

Timing and Season


The timing and season to travel will definitely play a huge part when planning your travels. In Singapore, the peak period is usually June as well as December period. The reason for that is the children’s school holiday which usually spans the whole of June and December respectively. As a result, parents often vie for plane tickets which in turn jacks up the prices anywhere you want to go. As such, it is important to plan your travels and book about 1-2 weeks before or after your holidays. It is also important to check the holidays in the country you are visiting. This will save you a lot of pain when you are choosing your plane tickets


Planning which season you want to go is also just as essential. For some countries, the season will dictate the price of the ticket and lodging prices everywhere. Take for instance Japan. The sakura season in spring usually spans from March to late April, as such, both lodging and plane tickets usually are more expensive during this period. If you really want to travel during this period, try to book 1 week before the peak period and stay through a longer date. This will ensure you have a cheaper ticket to the place.

Airport transfer

This might be counter-intuitive but it is usually a good idea to book an airport transfer from the airport to your place of stay. Most airports around the world are notorious for overcharging tourists. I’ve been irritated by such incidents happening that I’ve stopped taking cabs and shifted over to airport transfers exclusively. Yes, they can be about 20%-30% more expensive but they come with a lot of perks such as flat fee charging and a meet and greet service so you don’t have to spend 1 hour of your time figuring out how to get out of the airport. In addition, you don’t have to wrestle your way into the long queue of over 50 people waiting for a cab.

Adding a stop to your flight

Adding a stop in your flight itinerary is one of the best ways to save hundreds of dollars for a 2-3-hour layover in another country. If you would like to test this system, simply use Skyscanner and add 1 stop to your destination, you’ll definitely see a steep decrease in price in most occasions. You will definitely need to add a few hours to your itinerary but it might be well worth it. I usually use that time to stretch my legs or to eat something nicer at the airport than the crummy airplane food. It can also be a good time to get some local delights only found in that country.

Everything You Need To Know About Open Electricity Market

Many are still wondering and not quite aware what is open electricity market (OEM) and the ins and outs. So, here are the things you need to know about it. The Energy Market Authority (EMA) is a Singapore-based statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. They make sure that a reliable and secure energy supply is available for the people, the effective competition gets promoted in the energy market, and a dynamic energy sector is well-developed in Singapore.

1.     Roles of Energy Market Authority

EMA finds to forge a progressive energy landscape for sustained growth. They act as the power systems operator to the critical delivery infrastructure being utilized in the electricity supply to homes and offices, as well as industries. They also regulate the electricity and gas industries in Singapore, as well as district cooling services. At the same time, they protect the consumer’s interests even if a fair competition is likely happening. They also do a proactive role as an industry developer by the means of the capabilities of manpower is advanced, the innovations are catalyzed, and the thought leadership is established.

2.     About Open Electricity Market

The EMA group initiated the OEM to enable each consumer to buy electricity from a retailer at a price plan that best meets your needs. You can either continue to buy electricity from SP Group with a regulated tariff or switch to buy electricity from a retailer, which is not mandatory. If you want to switch, you can select your preferred price plan; then, your retailer will be bound to work directly with SP Group performing the switch for you. You do not have to worry anymore. No matter which one you chose, you will still receive the same electricity supply and be eligible for U-Save rebates. The SP Group will also carry on in operating the national power grid and will ensure that electricity is delivered to everyone regardless of which electricity retailer you switch to.

3.     Benefits of Open Electricity Market

If you will use OEM for your business, the Singaporean electric company Geneco will be available to assist you in switching to a retailer once you wish and decide to do so.  They make sure that you will have an easy and hassle-free switching. They offer a wide range of plans that best suits your needs to browse with and apply just online. They let you sign up on their sign-up page indicating your particulars. It is so easy and quick that you get to sit back and relax while waiting for your existing supplier to make arrangements in your switch. A big catch to the process is no installation and power disruption to your electricity supply. The transfer process will only take about 5 working days.

Importance of a Professional Website in Today’s Business Environment

There is an importance of having a professional looking website in today’s business era. Back a decade ago, you wouldn’t have to bother with making sure the layout, information, and about pages looked professional. However, in today’s day and age, you need to watch out for a majority of mistakes to make your website stand out from the others. If you’re a business owner or happen to own a site, here are a few tips you can take to make your website look more sleek and professional.

Provide Simple But Detailed Product Information

A professional website should only include needed information. You will have to narrow it down to what your customer base wants to know about your service, and then limit it to that. At most, you can add the history of your company and employees, but it’s best to limit your information. If you’re giving detailed information on a procedure or supplements etc., make sure you give them very detailed instructions on how the process will go. So basically, narrow down what should and shouldn’t be on your website.

Avoid Flashy or Heavy Animations

It was cool in the past decade to have heavy animations and flashy letters everywhere. The issue is, if you want your business to look professional, you’re going to need to cut that out. Stick to neutral tones or colors relating to your brand or overall theme. Do not have anything that flashes and do not have anything that pops out at the customer. This will just prove your website is not a professional website. Learn more.

Try to Be Original With Your Words

There is so much content online, so sometimes it may seem easier just to copy and paste other information from other websites. Well, you can get in substantial legal trouble for doing that, and honestly copying and pasting doesn’t give your customers a detailed experience for them. They want to know exactly how you (as a company) can help them (with the product). So, instead of just getting information off of other websites, you should hire a writer to come up with information about your product or service. Those way customers are more likely to know what they’re getting into.

Contact Information & Address

You’d be surprised about how many people forget to put any contracts on their websites. This can lead to your whole business running down just because your customers don’t know how to contact you or where to find you. Make sure to keep this section up to date at all times, and if there is an error then get an IT tech on it right away.


There are so many other ways you can mess up a website, but if you follow simple guides, then we can assure you that you will be able to attract more customers to your domain. Just remember to keep the website looking and sounding professional. If you don’t think you can take that task on yourself, then you should hire a web developer and a writer to help you fill out the information and create the best design. Click here for more information:

How To Create An Impressive Techy Portfolio For Beginners

If you are a brand new web designer and eager to get work, you need to add projects to your tech portfolio. But you couldn’t make any single project multiply into 10. This is somehow tricky since the only web design project you’re currently working on is your portfolio. So, here is how to create an impressive techy portfolio for beginners.

1.     Customize A Site Theme Or Template

Knowing how to build websites from scratch is not enough since it takes more awareness to be able to use a durable platform or CMS (content management system) with built-in complex tools. You must not only add an accelerated timeline when you’ll launch a site but also customize a site theme or template in your techy portfolio.

Proximacy, a digital solution company that offers affordable services like SEO in Singapore, also do customization to their clients’ websites. They understand that many clients are afraid to pay for a completely custom site since they don’t have a large budget. Some clients just love the functionality of CMS. Others will just hire someone to take care of their website in a standard theme and personalize it.

But with Proximacy, they make it certain to their clients that they can turn their projects over quickly and fatten your portfolio in a hurry if they avail their services at an affordable price. They allow you to learn to code and use your portfolio to snag other clients for your branding business.

2.     Google Yourself

You can Google yourself and see what comes up because it can broaden the scope of what you’ll include in your portfolio. To start out in the tech scene, you must have a ton of social proof such as testimonials and blog features. This shows how awesome you are at coding. When you’ll see that you appeared online in a positive light, you can highlight it in your portfolio regardless it is related to tech or not.

Proximacy also does this to their clients to see where their chances are. They check whether they have been featured more than they realize. They know that they shouldn’t just stick to what is relevant to their coding business. They abide by Google’s rules since they are one of Google’s certified Premier partners. They also make their clients’ website popular as long as they optimize it internally and externally. They ensure your chances to rank higher on the search engine results page.


Nowadays, a portfolio is not just a collection of your work samples. It must give you an opportunity to showcase who you are, what kind of work you can do, how you do that work, where you want to go next, and who you really want to work with. It will also provide a great opportunity to create a personal brand landing a future client.

What to Know Before Starting WordPress Web Design Business

There are many avenues when freelancing in WordPress. Some seem easier while others are more lucrative. But all of them require customer interaction even if not created all equally. Before you decide, you should know things people often don’t like talking about. Once you read this whole article, you will have ideas on what to know before starting a WordPress web design business.

1.     Freelancing Isn’t a Vacation

The lifestyle that you have wanted and are imagining may not turn out to be what you think it will be. Yes, you can work from anywhere you want as a freelance web designer in a Korean plastic surgery clinic called Misooda. But no, you cannot have fun all the time while you are doing that job.

At the beginning, your whole life will be consumed with your business. You must read business books about plastic surgery clinics as you go to your bed. You’ll be thinking about a project or the target clients which are Koreans while you’re driving a car or taking a shower. You will stop caring about what you look like because you pay more attention the ROI (Return on Investment) of any purchase and services you make in your Korean plastic surgery clinic.

2.     Every Sale has Different Value, Even if Prices are Equal

The business mindset will be creeping into your personal life. So, it is becoming a skill, later on, to learn how to force yourself to take a break and let go sometimes. It takes a certain personality and drives to be an entrepreneur in this kind of industry in Korean plastic surgery clinics.

At the start, you’ll be mostly concerned with making the sale for Misooda, which is certainly okay. But later on, you’ll realize that not all sales are equal since the value of those dollars can change, even if your prices for the services are equal. You arrange your working hours into your pricing, or you can learn how to shorten your time it takes.

3.     You Don’t Actually Get to do the Work You Wanted to Do

You need to admit that you always need help. If you’ll choose to work in your business Misooda, you’ll become enslaved for you’ll be doing all the web design yourself for all departments in the Korean plastic surgery clinic. You need to begin learning how to hire people remotely to not only do what you are not good at but also even the things you are good at.


When you are an entrepreneur, you have three levers to put in mind: time, money, and control. You might not get all of them equally, but you can balance them out to what you always wanted most out your freelancing career beforehand in your WordPress web design business.

Four Tips For Faster Image Loading In WordPress

Is your wordpress website running slow? Are images taking way too long to load, ending up in a clunky, slow feeling website? Want to make your responsive website look just a little more crisp? With the help of this guide, you will be able to learn and apply four methods to make your wordpress website run smoothly and load images faster.

Proper image format

Often times, people tend to overlook the proper usage of file formats, and this is where the first problem can commonly start. Most often times, you should be using JPEG files for photographs, and PNG files for illustrations as the JPEG file format is more effective at compressing images than the PNG file format. It is important to not look over this information, as it can actually have a huge on impact on the speed of your loading and processing speed of your wordpress website.

Installing an image optimizer plugin

If you haven’t already given this a shot, than listen up. Photos from cameras and picture-editing software often produce images with lots of metadata included. It doesn’t provide much use to the actual view of the image that users will be seeing, so WordPress typically removes it in the image editor settings. However, WordPress rarely removes all of that metadata. With the help of image optimizers, you can safely remove all of the leftover metadata from the image, while also compressing the actual image size.

Lazy loading

Lazy loading has become a very popularized way of making images “load” faster, and has become a widespread method, even outside of WordPress. Lazy loading essentially loads assets when they are actually needed. For example, if you are scrolling through twitter, it would be when you get to the bottom of the page and you see a loading spinner loading the next few posts. This reduces the load(ing, haha) that the site has to bear, allowing for a smoother, faster site.

Content distribution network

Content distribution network takes the static files of your wordpress website and distributes them around the world, reducing the latency of image loading. This doesn’t make the site any smaller in terms of data, but it does reduce the amount of data that the server has to send, which can make the biggest of differences for busy sites.

Well, you’ve reached the end of the guide, and now it’s time to apply this knowledge to your wordpress website. By taking into consideration these easy tips to follow, you should already be more than well on your way to building a better, more efficient website for loading images through wordpress. Hopefully with the help of this guide, your wordpress website will look stunning and run smoothly.

Start A Web Development Business In 3 Reasons

There is something in the web development industry. A lot of mistakes can happen early on but also a lot of success is also experienced. The willingness to take many risks and the entrepreneurial bent can also keep you through the ups and downs. So, if you are very curious how to start a web development business, you should know the 3 reasons why it can be right for you.

1.     Start and Build Part-Time

When you are still in college and/or got a day job, you can start and build a web development business part-time. Just like in a Singapore-based rental company Nam Seng Cargo, they can meet their clients, who want to avail their lorry rental services, through scheduling. The actual web development job can be done in the evenings and on the weekends to cater the clients’ needs. Nam Seng Cargo makes sure that there is available customer service 24/7.

2.     Don’t Need An Office and To Learn Code

Maintaining an office is very expensive, and it’s better to use that money elsewhere. So, if you’re going to have a client meeting, you can suggest a meet up at their office or at the nearest local café. When they find it weird, you can explain further and confidently say that you’re building your business to be mobile and accessible for your clients. Also, you get to do more work done for your clients in less time by not having an office.

Nam Seng Cargo also does this to those special clients who are remotely located and cannot go to the company’s main office. They don’t need to put hassle and too much time to reach and travel towards the office, so they’ll just meet in the nearest accessible place for them to see how flexible the company is to their needs. They don’t also waste their workers’ time just to learn HTML or CSS code. The best way they started was using the highly recommended WordPress platform with pre-built themes and plug-ins.

3.     Can Scale As You Grow

When the demand for Nam Seng Cargo’s lorry rental services became higher than they can manage, they were able to bring in a first employee to manage the load, then, later on, a partner and a contractor as the business grows. You can quickly train a newly-hired employee to continue providing the high-value services to your clients. There is still no need to have an office since you can rely on using technology to automate and do streamline on the time-consuming parts of your business, making it easier to scale as you grow the web development business.


Frankly speaking, there is no better time to start a web development business. People are now using the Internet to make decisions. If you are held out all these years, you can finally be ready to get your own website. But if you already had a website built early on, you can make changes and improvements.

5 Essential Things to Consider in Web Hosting

It is tough to decide which company in web hosting to choose from, especially the target goals of all companies are unlimited resources, 99% uptime, and knowledgeable support. Look no further since this guide will help out and show you what essential things to consider in web hosting.

1.     Price

Price is definitely the first aspect to look at if picking a hosting provider but won’t be the deciding factor. This is because grabbing the opportunity to get the cheapest offer is not tantamount to the best idea if your website is going to earn revenue.

2.     Area of Expertise and Specialties

Not all web hosting providers are precisely fit for all various kinds of customers. It is highly recommendable to check first the area of expertise and specialties of a company and to go to the web host that understands your company’s need as a customer.

As an example, many companies cannot afford to get their own truck or lorry. So, renting it reduces worries on maintenance and costs. Look into the company’s inventory that offers a competitive lorry rental price within a year.

3.     Technological Specifications, Limitations, and Support

To host a blog, the cheapest web hosting package is a no-go for an e-commerce site with a rich content and videos. It will not have enough disk space or processing power to cater all the needs. More time will be wasted to deal with loading issues and downtime, which you’d greatly avoid.

It is also advisable to check the reputation of the web hosting provider in terms of customer support. See if it has different ways to contact them such as email, chat, and toll-free phone and whether they are staffed 24 hours in 7 days.

4.     Hardware and Features


Doing a bit of reading and asking questions is essential to know the kind of machines the web hosting company uses. This greatly affects the quality performance of both their servers and your e-commerce site. The additional features like free domain privacy and regular data backups offered can also be found as an important indicator to use this company.

5.     Customer Reviews and Satisfactory Rates

In determining this customer reviews and satisfactory rates, creativity is needed to dig up the real story. You can get a huge number of answers from social media by doing the following ways:

  • Search the particular web hosting company on Twitter to see what their customers are tweeting about them, especially on their course of action.
  • Do a Google Blog search is also helpful to determine the average time for the company to respond to a ticket issued from their current customers.


Lastly, the most important among them all is the future of your e-commerce site whether the web hosting provider is in shape or not to give your needs two to three years from now. Those needs such as the start of selling your products online and some good traffic to your site should be met.

When the web hosting company poses an issue, the growth of your site most probably accommodates difficulty. The valuable time and effort in transferring from one host to another should be avoided.  To make an informed decision about this, there must be researching and getting some opinions.


Web Hosting & Web Development

The internet has created the digital age and it seems as though everything is now done online. You can chat to people online without having to pick up the phone; you can message someone half way around the world and indeed, make everyday purchases. It’s strange to say but it’s now possible to buy groceries online and have them delivered by big-named supermarkets! Twenty years ago, it wouldn’t possible but it’s the world we live in! It’s sometimes crazy but it’s also very unique. However, since we are mostly going online to do the everyday things, there are more websites than ever before and it calls for web hosting. So, why is web hosting important and why does web development play a crucial part in our lives?

Without A Web Host, There Is No Website

In truth, it is the web host that runs the site online. You can create page after page of interesting content but if there is no host to run it then you are in big trouble. Web hosting and web development play a crucial role with one another as you can’t have one without the other. You really do need to think about the type of host you choose as well as how you develop the site. You need to ensure the host you have is solid and going to offer what you need.

Your Web Host Must Offer Enough Bandwidth

You cannot choose just any web host as they might not be able to provide you with what you need in order to make your site the best it can be. Now, as said above, development and hosting go hand-in-hand and it’s so true! Your web host must be able to offer enough bandwidth for you to house the content. If you can manage this, you can later develop the site and that’s what everyone needs. Learn more here!

Development Is All About Expanding and Improving

hostingIn all honesty, web development isn’t just about getting people to visit your site but rather helping to improve a website and what it can offer people. You must look at expanding the site in many ways in order to get the people in and this can only be done with improvement. Improving the basics of the site can make it a lot more marketable and appealing. Development is going to take time because it doesn’t stop when the site goes live; it’s about finding newer ways to update it and make it better. Yes, you can find it looks good but without constant development in the future, it’s going to remain the same. get more web hosting info coming from

Find the Right Help

Your website will need all the help it can get to succeed and it starts from the web host and works its way up. Yes, you do need to develop the site during the production phase but you also need to continue to develop it even after it’s live online and successful. It’s a constant thing because if you don’t continue to develop, the site falters. You must look at ways to use your web hosting and development processes to your advantage.