How to Save Money When Traveling Abroad

The cost of transfer is usually one of the biggest factors when traveling abroad. As a frequent traveler myself, I’ve tested some of the methods I use personally to great effect. As such, here’s a short post on how I save a ton of money when traveling abroad.

Timing and Season


The timing and season to travel will definitely play a huge part when planning your travels. In Singapore, the peak period is usually June as well as December period. The reason for that is the children’s school holiday which usually spans the whole of June and December respectively. As a result, parents often vie for plane tickets which in turn jacks up the prices anywhere you want to go. As such, it is important to plan your travels and book about 1-2 weeks before or after your holidays. It is also important to check the holidays in the country you are visiting. This will save you a lot of pain when you are choosing your plane tickets


Planning which season you want to go is also just as essential. For some countries, the season will dictate the price of the ticket and lodging prices everywhere. Take for instance Japan. The sakura season in spring usually spans from March to late April, as such, both lodging and plane tickets usually are more expensive during this period. If you really want to travel during this period, try to book 1 week before the peak period and stay through a longer date. This will ensure you have a cheaper ticket to the place.

Airport transfer

This might be counter-intuitive but it is usually a good idea to book an airport transfer from the airport to your place of stay. Most airports around the world are notorious for overcharging tourists. I’ve been irritated by such incidents happening that I’ve stopped taking cabs and shifted over to airport transfers exclusively. Yes, they can be about 20%-30% more expensive but they come with a lot of perks such as flat fee charging and a meet and greet service so you don’t have to spend 1 hour of your time figuring out how to get out of the airport. In addition, you don’t have to wrestle your way into the long queue of over 50 people waiting for a cab.

Adding a stop to your flight

Adding a stop in your flight itinerary is one of the best ways to save hundreds of dollars for a 2-3-hour layover in another country. If you would like to test this system, simply use Skyscanner and add 1 stop to your destination, you’ll definitely see a steep decrease in price in most occasions. You will definitely need to add a few hours to your itinerary but it might be well worth it. I usually use that time to stretch my legs or to eat something nicer at the airport than the crummy airplane food. It can also be a good time to get some local delights only found in that country.