How To Create An Impressive Techy Portfolio For Beginners

If you are a brand new web designer and eager to get work, you need to add projects to your tech portfolio. But you couldn’t make any single project multiply into 10. This is somehow tricky since the only web design project you’re currently working on is your portfolio. So, here is how to create an impressive techy portfolio for beginners.

1.     Customize A Site Theme Or Template

Knowing how to build websites from scratch is not enough since it takes more awareness to be able to use a durable platform or CMS (content management system) with built-in complex tools. You must not only add an accelerated timeline when you’ll launch a site but also customize a site theme or template in your techy portfolio.

Proximacy, a digital solution company that offers affordable services like SEO in Singapore, also do customization to their clients’ websites. They understand that many clients are afraid to pay for a completely custom site since they don’t have a large budget. Some clients just love the functionality of CMS. Others will just hire someone to take care of their website in a standard theme and personalize it.

But with Proximacy, they make it certain to their clients that they can turn their projects over quickly and fatten your portfolio in a hurry if they avail their services at an affordable price. They allow you to learn to code and use your portfolio to snag other clients for your branding business.

2.     Google Yourself

You can Google yourself and see what comes up because it can broaden the scope of what you’ll include in your portfolio. To start out in the tech scene, you must have a ton of social proof such as testimonials and blog features. This shows how awesome you are at coding. When you’ll see that you appeared online in a positive light, you can highlight it in your portfolio regardless it is related to tech or not.

Proximacy also does this to their clients to see where their chances are. They check whether they have been featured more than they realize. They know that they shouldn’t just stick to what is relevant to their coding business. They abide by Google’s rules since they are one of Google’s certified Premier partners. They also make their clients’ website popular as long as they optimize it internally and externally. They ensure your chances to rank higher on the search engine results page.


Nowadays, a portfolio is not just a collection of your work samples. It must give you an opportunity to showcase who you are, what kind of work you can do, how you do that work, where you want to go next, and who you really want to work with. It will also provide a great opportunity to create a personal brand landing a future client.

What to Know Before Starting WordPress Web Design Business

There are many avenues when freelancing in WordPress. Some seem easier while others are more lucrative. But all of them require customer interaction even if not created all equally. Before you decide, you should know things people often don’t like talking about. Once you read this whole article, you will have ideas on what to know before starting a WordPress web design business.

1.     Freelancing Isn’t a Vacation

The lifestyle that you have wanted and are imagining may not turn out to be what you think it will be. Yes, you can work from anywhere you want as a freelance web designer in a Korean plastic surgery clinic called Misooda. But no, you cannot have fun all the time while you are doing that job.

At the beginning, your whole life will be consumed with your business. You must read business books about plastic surgery clinics as you go to your bed. You’ll be thinking about a project or the target clients which are Koreans while you’re driving a car or taking a shower. You will stop caring about what you look like because you pay more attention the ROI (Return on Investment) of any purchase and services you make in your Korean plastic surgery clinic.

2.     Every Sale has Different Value, Even if Prices are Equal

The business mindset will be creeping into your personal life. So, it is becoming a skill, later on, to learn how to force yourself to take a break and let go sometimes. It takes a certain personality and drives to be an entrepreneur in this kind of industry in Korean plastic surgery clinics.

At the start, you’ll be mostly concerned with making the sale for Misooda, which is certainly okay. But later on, you’ll realize that not all sales are equal since the value of those dollars can change, even if your prices for the services are equal. You arrange your working hours into your pricing, or you can learn how to shorten your time it takes.

3.     You Don’t Actually Get to do the Work You Wanted to Do

You need to admit that you always need help. If you’ll choose to work in your business Misooda, you’ll become enslaved for you’ll be doing all the web design yourself for all departments in the Korean plastic surgery clinic. You need to begin learning how to hire people remotely to not only do what you are not good at but also even the things you are good at.


When you are an entrepreneur, you have three levers to put in mind: time, money, and control. You might not get all of them equally, but you can balance them out to what you always wanted most out your freelancing career beforehand in your WordPress web design business.